Take to you to visit the best tangueros places and shows of Buenos Aires.

Señor Tango waits for you in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the old district of Barracas, to invite you to enjoy the best typical meals at the compass of the two by four.

A monumental staging dazzles our visitors from 1996, with best shows of tango to enjoy a classic porteña night.

Señor Tango was declared of parliamentary interest by the Honorable House of Representatives, of tourist interest by the Secretariat of Tourism of the Nation and cultural interest by the legislature of the Independent City of Buenos Aires.

The most spectacular show in the history of the tango:
The tango taken to its maximal artistic expression: a Spectacular Celebration.You will enjoy the five senses with an unfolding light, color and sound, within the frame of the most customized and well-taken care of attention.

All the last generation technology put at the service of the most overwhelming show in the history of the tango. Forty artists on stage, displaying music, dance and sing. Show created, directed and produced by Fernando Soler, singer and central figure of the spectacle.

A grand finale with the most personal adaptations of the “Misa criolla” and the central song of the opera rock Evita will touch your heart.
Señor Tango was declared of Parliamentary Interest by the Honorable House of Representatives of the Nation, of Tourist Interest by the Secretary of Tourism, and Cultural Interest by the legislature of the Independent City of Buenos Aires.

How was born SeñorTango?
At the beginning of century, a traditional family of Italian immigrants arrived at Buenos Aires, with their full trunks of memories of their land, few properties and many illusions.

They settled up closely together of the port, in Barracas, traditional district of working people, trains and factories. There, in its heart as opposed to the old station, they constructed a big department store of General Branches which at that time was one of greatest and prestigious. They called it “Almacenes Brenta y Roncoroni”.

The traditional architecture, in charge of one of its founders, observes vaulted ceilings, iron columns, paving stone floors in colored quebracho, 3 levels and details of solidity in its general structure.
Respecting the visions of those who created it, and perhaps inspired by the place and interpreting those same dreams, Fernando Soler recycled it completely, maintaining his structure intact. Its facade remembers a great Roman cathedral, and at its entrance it is perceived the elegance and the made dream of those pioneers, updated skillfully by Fernando Soler.


Señor Tango
Esquina de Carlos Gardel
La Ventana Tango Show
Gala Tango
Piazzolla Tango
Boca Tango
El Viejo Almacén
Tango Palace
Sabor a Tango
Madero Tango
Che Tango
Rojo Tango
Complejo Tango
El Querandí
La Esquina de Homero Manzi
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